LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol designed for lightweight message passing across chains. LayerZero provides authentic and guaranteed message delivery with configurable trustlessness

Metis OFT token addresses

Omnichain Fungible Tokens enable a token to be sent across current (and even future) chains! There is no requirement for liquidity!

Metis OFT

Metis L2: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

Metis OFT

Binance Smart Chain: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

Polygon Network: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

Avalanche: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

optimism: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

arbitrum: [0xE110AF9Bc0C40bEAA8b797c5B45D8b4299BD5ab7](

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