Bridge FAQ

What is Metis Bridge?

Metis Bridge is a tool that helps you transfer tokens between different networks. You can use Metis Bridge to send ETH and Metis tokens from mainnet or testnets to Andromeda or Stardust.

Where is Metis Bridge used in the Ethereum ecosystem?

You can use the Metis Bridge solution to transfer ERC-20 or ERC-721 Tokens between L1 and L2.

How much does it cost to bridge?

ETH is needed to bridge METIS from Ethereum L1 to Andromeda L2. Once Metis is on L2, transactions will be paid for in METIS.

Bridging tokens and coins require paying fees and there is the defined minimal L2 Gas limit, which may make the defined by user Gas value increase.

What are the other Bridges Present in the Metis Ecosystem

Metis Bridge: (Note, it costs 2 METIS to bridge back from Andromeda L2 to Ethereum L1 and currently takes up to 7 days).

Which 3rd party bridges does Metis Bridge support at the moment?

There are also a variety of 3rd party bridges from other popular chains available:

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