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Metis is solving Ethereum challenges by implementing easy-to-use methodologies. Metis expands the efficiency of the Ethereum network and gives you the opportunity to innovate, enhance security, and speed up your Ethereum L2 project deployment.

New to Metis and Smart Contracts?

Let’s learn the fundamentals of using the Metis platform and building the first smart contract. Take the first steps by exploring the Getting Started Guide.

Supported Blockchain

Ethereum + Metis = Layer 2 Blockchain

Metis is an Ethereum Layer 2 rollup platform that combines a wide range of benefits to get things done on the Ethereum network with simplicity, speed, scalability, and security. With Metis, you can deploy your Ethereum projects on L2 and achieve a broad range of advantages.

Technologies Metis Provide

Metis offers an exclusive list of products to blockchain project developers, app developers, and everyone who is interested in obtaining modern solutions for Ethereum challenges.
Select a product to start with Ethereum Layer 2 and access an extended range of opportunities.

Metis NFT Bridge

Built by a team of blockchain professionals, Metis NFT Bridge provides everything you need for connecting two different networks.

Metis Oracles

Oracles connect blockchains to external systems and provide smart contracts with external information. A Metis Oracle gives Ethereum projects on-time data from the outside world to perform reliable actions.

Metis Nodes

Metis Nodes allow security and reliability to come to the forefront. Blockchain nodes store a complete copy of the distributed network and play an important role in the blockchain ecosystem.

Metis Graph

The Metis Graph is an indexing protocol for collecting, processing, and storing data to be used in the blockchain network. It aims at facilitating information retrieval using a service called GraphQL.

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