Metis Bridge

For the list of 3rd party bridges, please check the Bridge FAQ page.

Using A Unique Approach to Bridge Between L1 & L2

Metis Bridge allows you to transfer Ethereum tokens from layer 1 blockchain to layer 2. You can make use of this feature to bridge Ethereum tokens to the Metis Andromeda network that extends the capabilities of regular testnets and development platforms.
You can use Metis Bridge to transfer tokens between testnets or mainnets. You need to set up your MetaMask account and connect to the Metis mainnet (Andromeda) and Metis testnet (Goerli).

Adding the Metis Testnet and Mainnet

After setting up your MetaMask account, you can use Metis Bridge to bridge tokens between networks. MetaMask is a great tool for managing Ethereum transactions and having all information in one place. But, if you want to achieve a bunch of additional features, you can set up your Polis account. Polis is a unique web-based console like MetaMask that offers more capabilities than MetaMask.
Make sure you have added Andromeda (Metis Mainnet) to your MetaMask account. Follow the instructions given in this link to add it to your account or simply follow the next steps.
Andromeda (Mainnet)
Goerli (Testnet)
Chain ID
1088 (Andromeda)
599 (Goerli)
L2 Metis ERC20-style Address
Block Explorer
L1 Metis Token Address
L1 Chain ID
1 (Ethereum)

Metamask settings

  1. 1.
    Open Metamask, click on network panel panel.
2. Click on Add Network and fill in the following lines.

Transferring ETH to Your Account

To start a project on L2 Ethereum, you will need to transfer your Metis test tokens using the Metis Bridge method. It doesn’t take much time and you can perform the process in a few minutes.
Once you have enough Metis tokens in your account, you can use Metis Bridge to transfer them from L1 to L2.
Here is the Metis Bridge platform that allows you to do the process. Click on the “connect account” button to connect your MetaMask to Metis Bridge. Then you can see that Metis Bridge allows you to transfer from a testnet like Rinkeby to Goerli.
Note that you need enough Metis test tokens in your account to be able to transfer them from Rinkeby (Layer 1) to Metis Goerli (Layer 2). If you don’t have any Metis test tokens, head over to this link and get some by following a few steps.
  • Transferring from L1 to L2 may take 1 to 2 minutes to complete. But, if you want to transfer from L2 to L1, it may take 7 days. The process is long to prevent fraud issues.

Metis Mainnet Andromeda

Bridging between Ethereum mainnet and the Metis mainnet (Andromeda) is a unique feature that you can have using the Metis bridge method. First, make sure you have switched to the Ethereum mainnet or Andromeda mainnet in your MetaMask account.
Now, you can use the Metis Bridge capability to transfer tokens between L1 (Ethereum mainnet) and L2 (Metis Andromeda).

Confirming Transactions

Etherscan Account Explorer allows you to see all the details about your transactions. You can simply use MetaMask and open Etherscan Explorer to see the latest transactions and their addresses.

Using Metis Polis Instead of MetaMask

If you want to access a range of features, you can sign up on Polis. First, double check that you added the Metis testnet and mainnet to your MetaMask. Now, use this link to connect your wallet.
You can use your MetaMask account address to sign in. Also, there is an option to sign up with your email address and password.
To sign in with your MetaMask account, click on “Connect with Metamask” and confirm the process.
If you want a unique Ethereum address, Polis allows you to create a new account with your email address. Click on “Sign up using email and password” to get your free Polis account. Here is your dashboard after signing up, and you can now transfer tokens and use the Metis Bridge method to bridge between L1 and L2.

Bridging Tokens with the Help of Polis

Create an account with your email address and sign in to connect to Metis Bridge. It should look like this after signing in.
Go to this link and click on “Connect account”. Then select “connect by Polis”.
By clicking on “Connect by Polis”, you are able to enter your email address and password to sign in with your Polis account.
By signing in to the Polis account and connecting to Metis Bridge, you will see a window like this one to bridge your tokens between L1 and L2. Note that you can request Metis test tokens using your Polis account but it needs a small amount of ETH test tokens. If your balance is zero, you can get ETH test tokens using
Switch to Ethereum mainnet using your Polis dashboard, and you can refresh Metis Bridge to see that the networks have been changed.