DAC Pool
If you have the Metis Girl NFT and have created the DAC, please do one more step to activate your mining power boost you need to increase or withdraw a small amount of Metis token from your DAC, and then the mining power will be updated. This also applies to Tribe NFT

Check Pool Information

  • APY:The annual percentage yield of the pool
  • TVL(Total Value Locked):The real time total value locked of Metis Token in the pool
  • Total Weighted Mining Power: Calculated base on stake amount and mining power
  • Daily Output:The reward output for that day
  • Total Reward:The rewards that has been released to the pool

Claim Mining Reward

You can check the mining rewards in the Rewards part.
When you click “Claim” for your reward, the rewards will be deposited into the Vault, where you can go to the Vault page to withdraw.

Pool Rules

Participation rule: Each Polis account can only create OR join ONE DAC to participate in the mining.


DAC Owner power:

  • Every DAC owner will receive default Power(P)=80
  • For every additional member the owner recruited, the owner will receive +5 power. Ex. DAC members = 2, Power(P)=90. DAC members = 3, Power(P)=95
  • If you have participated in Metis Tribe NFT airdrop and created DAC, your default power will be 90-110. Please stake your NFT in the Metis Tribe website page.
  • The maximum power each DAC can have is Power(P)=500.

DAC Member power:

  • Your default Power(P)=80