DAC Management

DAC Subdirectory

You will be able to determine your DAC’s subdirectory to form your own direct url by entering the information here.
After entering the information, you will be able to invite anyone to join your DAC either by invite link or code.

DAC Member Invitation

You may invite friends by either copy the link and share with your friend OR ask your friend to search the DAC and enter the code to join
You may also click "Invite" in the Pool page
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You can copy the Invitation code or click “Copy Link” and send to others to join. When others click your invitation linkage and stake “Metis” to join your DAC, you will be rewarded with more mining power.

For People who are Invited to join a DAC

You will need to stake 10~2000 Metis Token to be eligible for successfully joining the DAC. And you are default to join the mining pool with a fixed mining power of Power(P)=80