Create a DAC
Click Create a DAC and start creating your DAC

Step 1: Claim a name​

  • DAC Logo/Upload photo Size:360×360 pixels or 720×720 pixels. File Type: JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • DAC Name DAC Name can contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-), underscores (_). Up to 30 characters. DAC created with abusive and inappropriate names will be removed from the system
  • DAC Introduction: has to be less than 150 characters
If the content you input doesn't apply to the requirements, you will see highlight in red to indicate what adjustment needs to be made

​Step 2: Configure Your DAC

You can choose to stake between 10 and 2000 Metis Token to join the DAC Staking pool to receive mining rewards. The minimum stake for creating DAC is 10 Metis Token, and the most that one can stake is 2000 Metis Token.
You can slide to choose the amount for staking or input the staking amount. Please leave a small part of the Metis Token as the gas cost as on Metis Layer2.
If you don’t have any balance on Metis Layer2, you can use Metis Bridge to transfer your Metis Token from Ethereum mainnet to Metis Layer2.
Then, click “Approve” to authorize the system to check your Metis balance on Layer 2. If you connect with MetaMask, please approve in the popup.

Step 3: Review Information

You will be able to review and confirm the DAC information and staking amount that you have input.
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If everything is correct, click “Next:Launch my DAC” to finish the registration.
Click “Accept” to approve the transaction. This is the same action in MetaMask if you connect your Polis with MetaMask)
If the transaction is successful, your DAC has been registered on Metis Layer2, and you also have joined the DAC mining pool. The webpage will automatically take you to your DAC Management.